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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations
( A ) Admission
  • For admission candidates shall have to apply in the prescribed application form available in the school office. The candidate must qualify in the written entrance test.
  • Use the words “PLEASE” when asking for something and “THANK YOU” when receiving and “EXCUSE ME” for interrupting.
  • Application must be accompanied with the proof of age in the case of nursery class. The attested copy of birth certificate is to be attached and original to be displayed.
  • Other than nursery student, Transfer certificate, Original Progress card of the recognized school last attend should be attached with the application, Aadhar card copy , 4 photos of student and 1 family photo
  • The names of the students and their guardians must tally.
  • An interview will also be conducted after the screening if necessary
  • Admission and other fees will have to be paid at the time of admission

( B ) School Transport
  • S.S.D. Public School , Hathras provides paid transport facility ( as optional) for pick and drop.
  • No students will be permitted to board the school bus if he/she is not in proper School Uniform.
  • Students are expected to be on the left side of the bus stop, 5 minutes prior to the arrival of the bus.
  • Buses will not wait for latecomers. Students are advised not to run behind the bus once the bus left the stop.
  • Students are not allowed to board any bus other than his/her regular bus.
  • Students should stay away from the main road until the bus arrives.
  • Students are not allowed to eat or discard trash food inside or outside the bus.
  • Shrieking/Shouting/Unruly behavior is strictly prohibited in the bus as the driver's attention can be distracted.
  • Any damage caused to the bus will be viewed seriously and suitable penalty shall be imposed on the concerned student. Indiscipline behavior in the School bus will make the student ineligible to use the School Transport
  • In case of any kind of problem/Complaints with the Transport service bus staff should be reported only to the School authorities. No instructions/suggestion should be given to the bus staff directly.
  • No student is permitted to change the bus/bus stop without prior permission.
  • Carrying of any licensed/unlicensed armament ( Lathi, Knife, Dagger, Pistol, Gunetc.) inside the school premises is strictly forbidden
  • In case of exigencies like sudden break down, traffic jams, transport strikes etc. the school bus reaches late or fails to reach at all the designated bus stop, parents are requested to have information from School Office No.9690467561 and extend their co-operation School authorities have the right to change the bus stop as per the need during any time of the session
  • If there is no one to pick up the children (Nursery to Class XII in particular ) on the return journey at the bus-stop the child will be brought back to the school and either parents or authorized guardians will have to come to the school and escort the child back home. Attention is drawn to this important point, which will be strictly followed.

( C ) Withdrawal
  • If withdrawal application is filled within 1 month of the beginning of the semester quarterly fees will be payable. If withdrawal a application is filled in the second month full semesters fees will be payable . If withdrawal is given before the beginning of the semester, no fees will be charged.
  • One month notice in writing or semester's fees in lieu of the said notice period must be submitted to withdrawal student from the school.
  • Transfer Certificate will not be issued until all dues of the school are settled.
  • School Administrative Office will issue Transfer Certificate (TC) within a week, with reference to the date of Application for T.C. along with NO DUES Form.