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Discipline Policy

Disciplinary actions from minor to major instances of indiscipline:
  • Write down his/her name on the class board.
  • Logbook entry and stand in classroom for a period.
  • Issue green card , call the parents and counsel.
  • Issue yellow card , Call parents, warning letter 1 will be issued, the child will be counselled.
  • Repeated indiscipline despite getting Yellow Card, Causing physical or psychological harm, Issue Green card , warning letter 2 will be issued, the child and parents will be counselled
  • Serious Physical or mental harm amounting to crime to other student or teacher, repeated ignorance to warnings and disciplinary rules, will result in calling parents, issuing Red Card and expelling the student from the school.
  • Parents need to positive with the teachers and their own children.
  • For minor indiscipline for late arrivals the child may be given mild exercise as a token punishment to make him realize his/her mistake